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  If you are undertaking a construction project which involves:

1. Obtaining a Seneca Co. building permit, or

2. Site grading of one acre or more, or

3. Installing a lighted sign or sign exceeding 10 sq. ft. per face.

You must complete and file with the Junius Town Clerk one of the following applications.

 1. Exemption from Site Development Plan Review

a)   If you conform with any of the criteria listed on the Exemption application you do not require a site plan review by the Junius Planning Board.

b)   Complete and sign the exemption application. File four (4) copies with the Town Clerk who will return two (2) date stamped copies; one for obtaining a Seneca Co. building permit and one for your files. The Town Clerk will forward one copy to the Planning Board for their information.

 2. Application for Site Development Plan Review  <===Click Here for Form

Complete the application form and file six (6) copies of the application and six (6) copies of all documentation required for a Sketch Plan Conference (listed on the application form) with the required fee with the Junius Town Clerk. Applications must be filed on or before the 2nd Wednesday of the month in order to schedule a sketch plan conference during that month.

 Where size and scope of project is appropriate, the Planning Board may, by majority vote of members, approve or approve with modifications or disapprove the application at the initial review. 

Large projects will require further review and submittal of the additional documentation listed on page 2 of the application form. Planning Board action will follow at a subsequent meeting. 

Applicants desiring a preliminary review of a project by the Planning Board may submit two (2) copies of the documents. Planning Board action will follow at a subsequent meeting. 

A copy of the Site Development Plan Review ordinance is available at no cost from the Town Clerk.

For additional information or assistance in preparing your application, please call

Tom Hicks, Chairman 315-539-3659or 315-651-1803

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